Tim Kilbride, Account Director

Tim Kilbride

“Every day at DARPA is an adventure. It’s both fun and challenging to help my client use communications for strategic benefit while still making very advanced science and technology programs accessible to diverse audiences.”

Tim Kilbride is a storyteller who works with clients to discern what their core narrative is by cutting through layers of technical details and jargon, and then crafts messages that register with the key publics those clients need to take action. His strengths are listening, understanding and communicating distilled information.

In the time he’s been at Spire, Tim has supported Public Affairs at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, overseeing a portfolio of robotics, biology, neuroscience, physical science, materials and mathematics programs.

Tim’s past work includes time overseas as a communications advisor to U.S. Forces Iraq and NATO, a writer and policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, a regional analyst for The Rendon Group, and a management consultant at BearingPoint, among other consulting positions.

Travel, bocce, leisurely exploration and occasionally rugby keep Tim entertained when he’s not immersed in quantum physics.

Tim earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.