Art belongs in a museum. Advertising has a job to do. The best, most effective advertising campaigns are built from a solid strategic foundation with a clear objective in mind.

Before our creative team of designers and writers begin working with images, layout and copy, the strategic thinking takes place. First, key questions are addressed:

What is the objective?
What is the message?
Who is the audience?
What is the best way to reach them?
How do we know if we’ve succeeded?

Memorable advertising creates an engaging platform on top of which sits your message. Far too often, advertising defaults to just a pretty picture or a silly pun. If your message does not come through clearly in your advertising, and stick in the minds of your target audience, it has failed.

Spire can expertly guide you through a strategic and effective media plan in print broadcast and online channels. We’ll research where your audience is as well as the best, most cost-effective ways to impact them, whether it be a monthly trade publication, major market radio or Google ad word campaign.