Media Relations

Spire Communications works with our clients to identify the right media outlets to target for outreach. We believe that getting your message to the right people is much more important than reaching everyone. That’s why we begin any media relations program with a clear definition of the target audience and your objectives.

We can help you:

  • Develop media lists
  • Create editorial calendars
  • Draft press releases
  • Write and place byline articles
  • Contact the media with relevant news
  • Attain high-level, positive press
  • Use social media to reach media influencers

In addition to broader business and technology publications, Spire has developed a particular expertise in government media. We know, for example, that there are well over 100 publications that focus on the Department of Defense alone. We work with our civilian and defense clients to leverage the media to help communicate with citizens and influencers.

Spire Communications has worked extensively with publicly-traded organizations as well as federal, state and local governments. We understand the regulations impacting communications for a wide variety of organizations.