Video Production

Video is an enormously versatile palette upon which you can tell a story or communicate a message. The tools inherent in video production – videography, script writing, editing, visual effects, music – can be combined in an infinite number of ways to capture the attention of an audience and to convey information.

The possible applications for video are wide and diverse, ranging from a single “talking head” presentation to a multi-camera, mini-film featuring actors, sets, special effects and computer-generated visuals set to music.

To be sure, videography is not a simple medium: it is, more often than not, a substantial undertaking in budget, resources and time, so having an experienced guide is crucial. In the right hands, with the proper preparation and focus, videography can be the most exciting communication tool available to our clients, opening up all manner of possibilities.

Spire has helped clients create videos for conferences and trade shows; for use on their Web sites and for general distribution – even on their YouTube channels. From initial storyboarding, through script development, to final editing, we can help guide you to a final product that you will be excited to promote.